Working on a new song :)

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Pre-Proding :)

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To all our fans,

We’d like to to let you all know that we have downsized the band with hopes of being able to take our music on the road. The new line-up consists of Garen & Iris alongside bassist Mat Sénéchal and newcomer guitarist/vocalist Ben Cardilli. 

We are also very excited to announce that we are currently working on a new EP that should be ready by the holidays.

Thank you so much for your continued support and we hope you enjoy the new journey that we are about to embark on.



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Being silly as always on the way to NYC

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Non-Stop Crazy. Last night at 2:30AM while everyone else was snoring the night away

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Been looking for free wifi everywhere!!! Sorry for the lack of posts!! More
Coming soon xxxx

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Here we gooooo!!

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9 days ‘till Brooklyn

Yup, there are only 9 days left before we head to NYC and it seems pretty surreal. We only have 2 full-band jams left before we leave and it’s actually pretty nerve-racking!

Sadly Alfred, Arden, Adam and Céline won’t be able to make it with us.

Instead, on lead/rhythm guitars/back vocals we have Ben Cardilli (with whom we’ll be making a sh*t load of RIDONCULOUS vlogs, guaranteed) and on the keys we have Alain Mercier who has played a few gigs with us in the past. And of course Mat is still with us on the bass :) We’re pretty stoked about this line up. It’s sounding pretty solid.

Sooo, yeah!  I guess the next entry will be on our way to New York !
Until then, take care folks and we hope to keep you entertained with our blog !

Oh! If you’d like to come to our show, here’s where you can purchase your tix!

Garen & Iris

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Honestly, our show at Villa Maria was more than we ever expected! The girls were amazing! What a killer crowd! See for yourself !

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So, we’re truly honored and excited to announce that ROADS has been invited to play at Villa Maria (the high school I attended) to raise funds to help find a cure for breast cancer.

I mean, this is killer. We’ll be part of a wonderful cause and I’ll be going back to my high school and play in front of my old teachers who watched me play drums when I was a itsy-bitsy teen !

Sadly though, this event is private due to it happening during school hours. But for those who will be there, we look forward to meeting you and to be part of this wonderful day and of course we hope to raise a lot of money !

Please visit to learn more about breast cancer and how you can help :)

Love, Iris x

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